Saying What You Prefer For Romance

Maybe it’s not Christmas (yet), but bear with me on this one.

Twas Christmas morn. Under the tree was a rectangle box tied up in a bow and addressed to my dad. He knew what was in the box. In fact, all of us in the family knew. It was the “tradition”.

Grandma always gave dad a box of Queen Anne’s Chocolate-Covered Cherries: cherries floating in a white-colored cream, enrobed in milk chocolate.

The ritual concluded after grandma and my aunt left. Dad would give the box to my mom. And she’d share a couple with me.

One year after opening the “tradition”, dad quietly told grandma, “Mom, you know I don’t really like these.”


If he hadn’t said anything, chances are he’d have continued receiving the “tradition” until her last Christmas with us.

Is there a way your sweetheart tries to romance you, a way you don’t really prefer? Maybe:

  • It’s been going on for a while.
  • You say the “right” things.
  • You respond in the “right” way.

And inside you wish your sweetheart would stop or romance you differently.

Wanting the change has nothing to do with lack of appreciation of your sweetheart’s efforts to romance you. You do appreciate the effort. You just wish he/she would romance you like you want to be romanced.

It could be time to do what my dad did:

  • Make a decision;
  • Gather a hand full of courage;
  • Take a deep breath;

And lovingly let your sweetheart know you really don’t fancy Cherry Cordials. You much prefer Chobani Greek yogurt. Robert

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