Free Coffee, Costly Romance

National Coffee Day.  A day when Dunkin Donuts and WaWa offer their customers a free, small cup of coffee. I finally got mine late in the afternoon.

My choice: Krispy Kreme Donut shop. They were giving away free coffee PLUS a free donut.

It was free. Resistance was futile.

Because it was late in the day when I picked up my coffee and donut, both sat on my counter, unconsumed and waiting for morning.

  • I didn’t want the caffeine to keep me awake, and
  • I didn’t want to sleep with the donut calories.

Then it hit me: I didn’t value these items.

They were totally free, no payment required. Because they were free and I hadn’t withdrawn $2.38 from my hip bank to pay for them, I didn’t value the hot donut and coffee. They had cost me nothing.

Consider this.

If romance was something which came easily to you, if romancing your sweetheart was as simple as getting free coffee on Coffee Day, would it be as special to you?

We are naturally attracted to free. Put that word in an advertisement and our eyes are drawn to it like a teenager to video games. Yet how many free things lay around, unused and cluttering up your life because they aren’t valued.

Contrast that with things which weren’t free, they cost you to obtain? Are those highly valued?

Next time you feel the pull of thoughts like, “I wish romance came easily to me,” consider how much more you’ll value it because it takes your energy, effort and discomfort to create.

Thanks goodness romance is difficult to keep alive. Makes it more prized by you.

Maybe I should be charging for these romantic thoughts? Would they be more valuable to you? Robert

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