Fire Walking and Romance

Just 15 feet. That’s all I needed to walk. People around me cheered, encouraging me to take that first step.

I’d watched several others successfully walk the 15 foot path without harm.

  • Some started without hesitation.
  • Others paused, gathered courage from some untapped part of their mind, and then stepped out.

Pant legs rolled up and barefoot, I hesitated, repeatedly fighting down the internal, terrified voices screaming, “Stop! Run away! You’re gonna fail. You’ll be the first to get hurt.”

Can you identify with that hesitant moment? Has your inner voice tried to convince you that even though others have succeeded, you’ll fail?

Many trying something new or different can identify with this anxiety.

People who haven’t romanced their sweetheart in a while feel anxious about attempting to be romantic. Those who have a routine way of romancing their sweetheart sense the adrenaline fueled butterflies when using one of my suggestions for romance that’s outside their comfortable routine.

There’s only one way to overwhelm the fears and quiet the voices.

As terror threatened to drive me into a quitter’s corner, I stood up to my full height, stretched out my arms, focused on the coach 17 feet away and boldly took that first barefoot step onto the red-hot coals.

I felt the texture of the coals as I walked but I felt absolutely no heat.

My mind overwhelmed my fear. Each audacious step built on the previous. Confidentially I strode across the live coals and completed the fire walk unscathed.

Here are three steps to help you overwhelm doubts about your ability to romance your sweetheart in new or different ways:

  1. Focus on the benefits your relationship will enjoy,
  2. Face down fear’s attempts to hold you back, and
  3. Take the first step.

Each step makes you a bolder and more confident romantic. Go for it! Robert

You can go to and order inexpensive my book, “A Year of Romantic Memos“. You’ll find a collection of my thoughts and ideas on bringing more romance into your relationship.

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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