Using Other’s Words

He’s 6 feet tall, brown hair, brown eyes. This Brit has been the chairman of an East London football (soccer) club, though he’s better known in the U.K. as a TV and movie star.

You probably have something in common with Danny Dyer.

Danny’s sweetheart, Joanne Mas, must prefer to be romanced with words. At least that’s the conclusion I drew from the article about their romance. It seems Danny likes to romance Joanne with “pinched” lines from old movie and TV scripts, and songs.

In his book, “Life Lessons from the East End”, Danny admits, “I probably shouldn’t say this, but I’ve done jobs where I’ve had my lines written by the best writers in the world, and I sometimes do use those, particularly if I’ve had a row with the missus, in a wooing-back kind of way.”

Here’s a guy who’s been on TV since the age of 16. He’s “living the dream” as an actor, appearing in over 65 movies and TV shows since 1993.

And he’s not a natural romantic. He has to work at it.

  • Maybe you’ve questioned romancing your sweetheart with “pinched” lines from others.
  • Maybe you thought no one else would do that.
  • Maybe it seems a bit corny or cheating.

Wish I could say each of these blogs was an original idea I developed on my own. Wish I could tell you I’ve created every concept I share with you. But I haven’t. I read, research, listen and glean ideas from a variety of places. Most speakers do.

Do what Danny and I do. Borrow lines from others and romance your sweetheart with words. If Danny Dyer romances his sweetheart with “pinched” lines, you can too. Robert

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