Nickname and Terms of Endearment

Here, let me help you, sweetie.”

That’s so kind of you. What would I ever do without my cuddle-bear?”

And so the conversation continued. Terms of endearment rolled off their tongues so easily there was no doubt they were in love. Those “sweet nothings” dusted every verbal interaction between the two of them. Young love is so much fun to watch.

This couple had only been together about half a century.

That’s right. This couple had been married about 48 years and still words of endearment, words used only for each other generously populated their verbal interaction.

Many couples develop these cutesy, affectionate nicknames for each other early in the relationship. Those terms often result from inside jokes between the two of them.

Those terms of affection, or nicknames:

  • Become exclusive for the relationship, not used for anyone else.
  • Express a special affection between the two.
  • Are stronger than generic “love you’s”.

Wish I could have interviewed this “young” couple.

  • Have they always used those terms with each other?
  • What do they do to stave off the tendency for couples to quit using such terms?
  • How have they kept their romance alive?

I’m sure it hasn’t just happen. It’s taken deliberate choices to keep the flame alive.

What is your sweetheart’s special nickname? What terms carry special meaning for her/him?

If your sweetheart cherishes being romance with words, terms of endearment and nicknames, use them to express the unique feelings you have towards your sweetheart.

If it’s been a while since those words were woven into your conversation with your sweetheart, time to resurrect them.

You may not keep up with this 70-something couple and that’s OK. An occasional “sweet baboo” will add romantic spice to your relationship.

Do you have a nickname for your sweetheart? Share it with me. Robert

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