WWII and Keeping Romance Alive

World War II separated these sweethearts by 10,000 miles.

He was stationed in the European theater. This tank commander’s days were filled with rough rides, gun powder and diesel exhaust. The thought of his sweetheart carried him through each one.

She was in the Pacific helping rescue downed airmen. Each night she fell into bed exhausted and emotionally spent from the stresses of her day – and missed him like crazy.

To keep their romance alive across the oceans separating them, they frequently wrote love letter to each other.

Two things about this couple might surprise you:

  • This was the first extended separation of their 10 year relationship, and
  • The year was 2014.

Brad Pitt was working in Britain on a movie about a tank commander (“Fury”). Angelina Jolie was directing a movie in Australia about WWII POW Louis Zamperini (“Unbroken”).

During this separation, they decided to act like wartime lovers of the 1940’s. Handwritten letters were the means available at that time to keep the flame of romance alive.

You and your sweetheart are probably not separated by two oceans. You’re not restrained by the speed of the postal service to keep connected. Especially if your sweetheart prefers to be romanced with words, find ways to put in readable form words romancing your sweetheart.

From personal experience I can testify how written communication is treasured as it repeatedly reminds your sweetheart of your caring as the messages are read and reread.

Brad and Angelina made a decision to keep their romance alive whether sharing a room or separated over 10,000 miles by a “war”. I know you can do the same. Robert

I always encourage comments and input.

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