Wrong Kind of Romance

Things were quiet around her place that afternoon, the kind of quiet which allows your mind to wander to places and events far from your surroundings.

What was ringing at this perfect beach?

The second “ding-dong” abruptly transported her back home, a hundred miles from the beach. The bell-ringing delivery driver presented her with a colorful bouquet of spring flowers.

The note read, “Jennifer, I’m Joe from across the street. We’ve said “hi” a couple times. I’d like to ask you out for lunch. Please text me at…” and he gave his phone number.

While flattered, Jennifer wasn’t interested.

Two days later another unsolicited bouquet arrived. Inside another request.

Soon the repeated deliveries filled Jennifer’s place with a profusion of floral scents. The aroma would have made a florist jealous.

And the flowers kept coming.

Inevitably the evening news caught scent of this story. Joe told the reporter he would continue romancing her with gifts until she accepted his invitation. In her short interview, Jennifer made it clear she wasn’t interested.

Joe never got a date with Jennifer.

As I read this story, my reaction was a mixture of incredulity, sadness and comedy – a tragedy.

While some may give him kudos for persistence, when it came to romance he really missed it.

  1. There was no relationship upon which to build romance.
  2. He didn’t take time to learn how she preferred to be romanced.
  3. When she communicated her lack of interest, he didn’t listen.

His persistent and repetitious giving of gifts ensured he never successfully romanced her. His behavior, the definition of insanity.

Here’s the thought I leave with you.

Be a Persistent-Joe romantic, not quitting after one attempt at romance. But don’t be an Insane-Joe persistently trying to romance your sweetheart in a way he/she doesn’t prefer. Listen, learn and adapt. Robert

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