Fear of Flying and Romance

If it wasn’t for “Yuanfen”, Matt and Tin’s romance might never have happened.

  1. She grew up in the Philippines, he in the U.S.
  2. Her family included six kids. He had mom and dad.
  3. They shared one trait – fear of flying.

As they matured in their separate universes, both developed a sense of wanderlust. This desire eventually overpowered their aviophobia and led them into the air transport industry.

Matt became a pilot for Jet Airways in India. Tin a flight attendant based in Saudi Arabia. Sill a three time zone separation.

During a layover in India, Tin and her friends decided to lunch at Santana restaurant situated on Mahabalipuram Beach in the Fisherman’s Colony area of southern Chennai.

About the same time, Matt and his mates made their entrance and discovered the restaurant empty except for Tin and her friends.

The usually reserved Matt, emboldened with some alcohol, walked over and struck up a conversation with Tin. Initial chit-chat eventually led to questions about careers and wanderlust.

As they parted, he gave her his card and invited her to email him. In a couple days their relationship took off.

People working for different airlines from different countries don’t frequently cross paths – unless it’s intentional. Matt took flights to meet her on layovers or days off. She did the same.

A year later, Matt relocated to Hawaii. Forty-eight 48 hours of travel now separated them.

Instead of letting their romance die, he proposed. Months of paperwork and thousands of airline miles later, Matt Mandino and Christine “Tin” Miguel were together for good.

I always think there will be opportunities and jobs everywhere, but each person is unique” says Tin. “I don’t know where we’ll be based next, but it doesn’t matter as long as we’re together.”

This 21st century fairytale proves romance is still alive and available. Their romance has taken commitment, work and perseverance. So will yours. Robert

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