How Four Couples Keep Their Romance Alive

Today I’m going to let four couples share what they do to keep their Romance Alive.

Adam and Kristina are newlyweds, married only four years. They have two very young children, which could discourage them from keeping their Romance Alive. Kristina shares,

Finding the one you love means finding that person that will grow and change with you. Once you know that, anything you do together can be romantic, even just watching a video.

Jacob and Sherry have been together 15 years. One thing they do to keep Romance Alive is to revisit their old haunts, places where they fell in love.

It feels good to go back and be surrounded by all the memories.”

Sarah and JP, married 10 years, have two little ones and another on the way. Talk about life getting in the way of keeping Romance Alive. They make it a habit of having Friday night dates,

Even if it is only candlelight fondue at home when we put the kids to bed. It adds romance”.

Nicke isn’t married but he and Caroline have been together six years. He says,

I enjoy not knowing the answer all the time – it keeps things alive and fresh. And there has to be lots of laughter.”

Each couple proactively finds ways to keep their Romances Alive. Whether a ride past Lover’s Lane or cunningly setting up an afterhours romantic rendezvous in the living room, each couple deliberately makes time for romance.

If I asked you right now what stealthy thing you’ve done to romance your sweetheart, you’d probably get a grin on your face, a new sparkle in your eye as you confessed.

As Kristina so aptly states, above all, “Romance isn’t what you do necessarily but who you do it with.” Robert

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