Nancy’s Romance

Many think there’s an inverse relationship between romance and longevity in a relationship.

People tell me that as a relationship matures and ages, the kind of romance I write about isn’t realistic.

  1. The blaze of a new relationship “matures” into embers of familiarity.
  2. Familiarity means romance isn’t needed.
  3. There’s really little time for romance.
  4. That romance stuff is hokey anyway.

I beg to differ.

Imagine living in an apartment above the office where you work. You’re expected to work and be available 7 days a week. There are people in the building 24/7. And your customers expect you to sacrifice your privacy.

In the midst of this maelstrom of activity and demands, one couple kept their Romance Alive.

Handwritten love letters were one avenue they used. Some letters were just short notes. Each letter romanced the other in their unique way. They’d seal the letters and leave them laying around the office and apartment for the other to find.

On one occasion as he was flying back from a business trip, he began writing her another love letter. An associate informed him they were just 20 minutes from landing. Why would he start writing this letter when he’d see her in just a few minutes?

Well”, he said. “It just makes me feel closer to her now.”

At Nancy’s funeral, stories of romance during their 52-year marriage were shared by those who knew them well. Theirs was truly a romance that transcended job, travel and age.

During their long term relationship, this couple, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, didn’t let anything, including the pressures of being president of the United States, deter or detract them from keeping their Romance Alive.

Maybe I’m not crazy in thinking Romance can be kept Alive in long term relationships. Maybe you secretly agree. I hope so! Robert

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