Kissing For Health

Romantic activity is very healthy for you and your relationship.

According to an article by Dr. John Axe, this is especially true if your preferred method for being romanced is touching.

His research has discovered a kiss isn’t just a kiss. Kissing has five distinct benefits that directly impact you and your sweetheart.

  1. Kissing boosts endorphins. Endorphins result from a chemical reaction in your brain which leaves you feeling good. They are mood lifters and stress relievers.
  1. Kissing increases immunities. OK. Maybe not the most risqué reason for kissing. Evidently, kissing introduces other bacteria into your system in amounts small enough that your immunities are increased. The longer the kiss, the better your immune system.
  1. Kissing fights cavities. Again, not the most romantic thing but a benefit none the less.
  1. Kissing helps you feel connected to your sweetheart. Research finds it increases your brains oxytocin levels. This hormone helps calm you, let’s you relax with your sweetheart and leaves you feeling closer.
  1. Kissing burns calories and reduces cholesterol. It may only burn 5-8 calories per minute, but can you think of a better way to burn calories? As for cholesterol, in a 2009 study, couples were asked to kiss more frequently than normal. After six weeks, these couples reported lower levels of stress, higher levels of relationship satisfaction, and reduced cholesterol levels compared to couples who didn’t increase kissing.

So there you go. Thanks to Dr. Axe’s work, you know that being romantic with touching can help you and your relationship be healthier. Tell your sweetheart the reason you want to kiss more is to help him/her be healthier.

Now where’s my sweetheart? It’s for our health, sweetie. Robert

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