Romantic Ruts

Animals tend to take the same, easiest routes of travel across the landscape. Many animals of various species travel these same superhighways of the woods. The trails become well known, frequently used and rarely changed.

The animals become comfortable following the familiar routes over and over. Sometimes their repeated use causes the vegetation around the path to become trampled, the path becoming a rut.

This can also happen in relationships.

Honest now. Do you repeatedly romance your sweetheart the same way? Maybe it’s:

  • A certain restaurant you frequent.
  • Reading the Sunday morning paper together every week.
  • Tuesday date night watching the same TV show.
  • Buying jewelry by the same designer.

You go down this romantic path repetitively until familiarity and comfort create a romantic rut.

We all get into relational ruts from time to time, initiating the same romantic activity over and over again. It takes little effort or thought.

The blinding strobe of white lightening jolted them from the sofa as the explosion of thunder triggered a torrent of adrenaline through their bodies. 

WHAT! Not the sentence you expected. It was novel.

Dr. Terri Orbunch says that while most relationships may get into ruts from time to time, don’t stay there. Do something new, unexpected, novel. And if it’s physical it’s even better.

If romance in your relationship has become predictable and you find your relationship’s in a romantic rut, time to try something different.

  • Take a cooking class together and create romantic dinners for two.
  • Enroll is a foreign language class and learn to say, “I love being with you” in a foreign language.
  • Pack a lunch and a blanket, and discover a new picnic hideaway.

Doing something different, something unexpected, and something physical can fan the romantic flame of your relationship and keep your Romance Alive.

What have you done recently to fan the flame? share it with me. Robert

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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