Romantic Snapchat Story

It started when a campus co-ed posted a Snapchat about a guy she’d seen. The details were sparse: a guy, on campus, wearing a Minnesota Vikings football club jersey.

The closing line of her clip ignited campus-wide interest, “I’m seriously in love with you, find me”.

She didn’t realize what her short video started. Soon the student body at the University of Wisconsin at Madison became enrolled in helping this couple meet.

  • Fellow students egged them on.
  • The campus featured them on its own Live Story.
  • Snapchat granted them their own geofilter. (“Help Vikings fan find mystery girl”)

With such a network of Snapchatterers and students fervently following this 21st century Love Story, her interest came to the attention of the object of her interest.

He posted his own recording, inviting her to meet him where he was.

Back-and-forth it went until they finally connected.

What’s interesting is how many students followed the couple’s journey, assisted in the two locating each other, and desired to see them get together. They fervently wanted to see romance in action.

I suggest the students covet the romantic adventure of these two. They crave being part of a romance.

Do you crave being part of a romance? Does your sweetheart crave being part of a romance?

You can star in your own Love Story, one you create.

Whether you choose to use an app, email, snail mail, voicemail, text message, or even old fashioned face-to-face chatting, you can create a romantic story, a unique moment, a special memory with your sweetheart.

It only takes a little time, a little imagination, a little pursuit, and a desire to romance your sweetheart.

And that’s better than any Hollywood creation. It’s your own.

Have a Snapchat story to share? Tell me about it. Robert

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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