Prolong Your Romantic Vacation

My flight home from the west coast arrived a few minutes early. I took take advantage of the extra minutes to stretch my legs, which for hours had been confined to the 2’ x 2½’ territory of 20F.

Striding from concourse B towards domestic baggage claim, I passed a couple who were obviously returning from a romantic, relaxation-vacation.

It wasn’t their suntans, short pants or vacation-hair I noticed. It’s what happened as they strolled hand-in-hand towards the plane train.

  1. They looked at countdown clock – 45 seconds before their transport arrived.
  2. She wrapped her arms around him.
  3. He parted her hair with his hands.
  4. And they returned to their romantic retreat with an embrace and lingering kiss.

They were stretching their romantic getaway a few extra minutes.

In their 20 second kiss, I learned something.

This couple was not in a hurry to return to the routine of everyday living. They wanted to prolong and relish every second of their romantic adventure. They were stretching the moment and deferring the end of their escape as long as they could.

Most of the time, when we return from a getaway, we’re consumed with:

  • How quickly can we deplane?
  • How fast can we walk down the concourse?
  • How long will it take to get our luggage?
  • How soon can we get into traffic and return to our fast paced lives.

We can learn a lesson from this couple.

Next time you have a Romantic Interlude, whether it’s two weeks on the beach in the Seychelles, a week in an Adirondacks’ resort or an hour at McDonald’s, don’t rush the ending.

  • Let the Interlude linger.
  • Stretch the special moment beyond your return.
  • Enjoy every second of this time together.

And when you must return to everyday living, the Romantic Interlude will linger with you just a little longer. Try it and see what happens. Robert

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