The Most Romantic Gift

There’s an insidious little guy inside me who gives mischievous suggestions. Thinking about what I might share in this post, the little guy rubbed his hands together and planted a tempting idea.

What might ensue if I brought a group together and asked a simple question: “What is the most romantic gift you could give your sweetheart?

In the resultant lively debate suggestions might include.

  • A keychain with the coordinates of the location where he purposed to me.
  • A scrapbook of shared adventures.
  • A bracelet of interlocking gold hearts.
  • A case of his/her favorite beverages.

Can you see the smirk on my face as the bickering raged?

Just so you know, a search also failed to turn up a single answer to that question.

  • 14 Romantic Gifts from Significant Others.
  • Most Romantic Gifts from Significant Others.
  • 10 Most Romantic Gifts for Women
  • 10 Most Romantic Gifts for Men

None agreed on a single answer.

But I have the answer.

Remember, for some a gift best communicates romance. One women declared, “If it ain’t jewelry, it ain’t romantic.” I’d say she prefers being romanced with gifts.

My daughter’s preference is little gifts. It has nothing to do with the size of the gift, the price of the gift or the wrapping of the gift.

For her, the gift tells her her sweetheart took a piece of his valuable resource (time), choose something specifically for her and spend his valuable financial resources to communicate her importance to him.

Now the answer to the question which provoked our hypothetical row.

The most romantic gift you can give your sweetheart is the gift which touches your sweetheart in the place only you know about, and creates a shared memory which is treasured well beyond the moment the gift is given.

So, what is the most romantic gift you could receive? The floors open for discussion. Robert

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