AAA of Romance

Do you crave learning new things?

I’ll admit to an insatiable appetite to learn. I read, listen and observe, taking in differing viewpoints, learning new concepts, ideas and explanation of how things work.

Tonight that hunger to learn is proving to be valuable in creating this post.

While rummaging through websites I came across an article by Dr. Sheri Meyers which grabbed my interest. Her observation: the number one challenge for most long-term relationships is learning to balance life and intimacy.

My survey, Challenges Couples Face in Keeping Romance Alive yielded the same results. Nearly half of the respondents sighted finding time as a major obstacle in keeping Romance Alive.

Sheri states, “Just as your car needs gasoline and your body needs food, you intimate relationship needs a daily dose of the 3 A’s: Attention, Appreciation, and Affection, to keep it thriving and running well.”

How do you apply those 3 A’s to your relationship and keep Romance Alive? Here are my thoughts.

Attention: Include your sweetheart in your daily life. It involves deliberately pausing your life and focusing on connecting with your sweetheart through:

  • A short, uninterrupted conversation,
  • A lingering embrace,
  • Dinner without the TV.

Appreciation: Let your sweetheart know you cherish her/him, you’re grateful to be in this relationship, and you want to thank your sweetheart for:

  • Washing the car,
  • Making a meal,
  • Going to the business dinner with you.

Affection: This is a physical reflection of the depth of your feelings for your sweetheart. To the extent you are physically able, never let a day pass without giving your sweetheart:

  • An extended kiss,
  • A drawn-out embrace,
  • An intentional, eye-to-eye, stop-the-moment “I love you.”

Practice Sheri Meyers AAA and cut through life’s clutter. You’ll make your relationship great and keep your Romance Alive. Robert

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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