Romantic Holding Hands

What do you think when you see two people holding hands?

  • Are you jealous?
  • Is it, “Ah, how sweet”?
  • Do you make assumptions about the relationship?

For some, nothing is quite so romantic as touching.

There are many ways to touch:

  • An embrace,
  • A kiss,
  • The gentle brushing of a hand against your arm,
  • Holding hands. reports there is science behind the reason we humans hold hands. These scientific reasons include.

Holding hands provides comfort. A University of Virginia and University of Wisconsin study found when you’re under stress, the brain doesn’t have to work as hard to help you cope with situations when you’re holding hands. It’s easier on you.

Holding hands isn’t just for humans. Sea otters, penguins and elephants hold hands. OK, elephants don’t have hands but they do hold trunks.

Holding hands relieves pain. Johns Hopkins discovered if someone holds the fleshy area between your thumb and forefinger, headaches, dental pain and anxiety decrease.

Holding hands is also a powerful statement about your relationship. Have doubts? Look inside National Enquirer or other scandal rag. You’ll likely find an article about two celebrities caught holding hands. (Gasp!) An affair?

Holding your sweetheart’s hands in public, is a powerful statement about your relationship. It heralds a change. It signals a level of comfort in touching each other. It proclaims, this relationship is different, special and unique.

Holding hands, touching if you will, is a simple way to set your sweetheart apart, and to romance your sweetheart.

If you’re uncomfortable touching your sweetheart, especially in public, get over it. Romance is not about what you prefer, it’s about your sweetheart’s preference.

If your sweetheart’s romantic preference is being touched by you, hold hands. It’s a simple AND scientific way to romance your sweetheart.

Even if it’s not your sweetheart’s favorite way, it’s something quite enjoyable. Robert


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Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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