Waiting at the Airport

After “meeting” on the internet, their relationship blossomed.

During the following months they regularly “chatted” over the internet, exchanging phone numbers and becoming more interested. Finally, Alexander could wait no longer to meet her in person. So the 41-year old bought a plane ticket, got his visa and sent Zhang a picture of the ticket and visa, making sure it showed his arrival date and time.

Alexander flew from his home in The Netherlands to Changsha, China. But Zhang was not there to greet him. She didn’t respond to his text messages.

Convinced she’d soon arrive, he continued waiting at the airport – for 10 days. The result? A trip to the hospital for exhaustion, and a lonely flight home.

A Chinese TV station contacted Zhang after news of Alexander’s ordeal went viral. Why didn’t she meet him?

Zhang was in surgery the day he arrived. She told reporters she thought his photo of the ticket and passport was just a joke.

Sometimes romantic communications can go wrong, as it did with these young lovers.

As you probably know, when you speak to your sweetheart, three things are communicated:

  1. What you want to say,
  2. What your sweetheart hears you say, and
  3. What you really said.

To be romantic, verbal communication must accurately carry your intended message.

The best way to ensure your sweetheart hears your romantic message correctly:

  1. Use words which have meaning to your sweetheart,
  2. Use those words in the manner in which your sweetheart would use them,
  3. Verify with your sweetheart the message he/she heard.

The focus is on your sweetheart.

If words are your sweetheart’s romantic preference, make sure your sweetheart hears your intended message. You really don’t want to end up alone at the airport. Robert

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