Romantic Places

Couples the world over are obsessed with particular romantic spots”. Lyndsey Matthews

Did that headline catch your attention? It did mine.

Why are people obsessed with particular “romantic spots”?
Where are these “romantic spots”?
And, are these “romantic spots” reserved only for honeymooners?

The list included:

  • Picture-perfect Cinque Terre, Italy,
  • Off-the-grid Samoa,
  • Naturally photogenic Iceland,
  • Outdoorsy Emerald Lake, Canada,
  • Paris

Why would any of these places be designated as a “romantic spot”?

They’re exotic or classic or isolated? They’re perfect, pristine, or breathtaking? They’re a long way from home?!?

Maybe they just conjure up visions of a place where romance automatically materializes when you arrive. All that’s required is getting there, and romance materializes in a puff of genie-smoke.

Honestly, we know that vacationing in Santorini, Greece wouldn’t spontaneously create romance between you and your sweetheart. While there might be fewer daily-grind distractions in one of these places, it would still not guarantee endless Romantic Interludes between you.

If it’s not the destination, what is it that makes a “romantic spot”?

  1. It’s the person you’re with and the relationship you’ve developed;
  2. It’s understanding what your sweetheart finds romantic;
  3. It’s intentionally creating moments of romance.

This means you can create a “romantic spot” without flying across time zones. You can fashion a “romantic spot” without a passport. You can design a “romantic spot” without maxing out your credit cards.

Truth? You and your sweetheart can create a meaningful, memory-making “romantic spot” wherever you may be. A little time. A little effort. And that “romantic spot” can be created in your own home.

Do you agree? Robert

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