Non-Routine Romance

Would Velcro help keep your Romance Alive?

Keeping Romance Alive doesn’t just happen. It takes deliberate action (work) to continue to keep your romance fresh.

According to research by Arthur Aron at Stony Brook University, there’s one key way to keep and maintain the spark of romance. Try new things as a couple.

Professor Aron conducted studies looking at the effect trying new things together had on couples. In his studies he found that couples who tried new, non-routine things together were happier and more satisfied with each other.

Wisdom say it takes just a little extra to go from ordinary and extraordinary.

The same is true in romance. Settling into dull routines is counterproductive to keeping Romance Alive.

  1. It takes little energy to live with repetitiveness in a relationship,
  2. Expending little energy into your relationship means energy is spent elsewhere,
  3. When your energy goes elsewhere, you lose interest in your sweetheart.

Sounds hazardous to romance.

You and I live very busy lives. Our time and energy are valuable commodities. We love our sweetheart, but how can we be expected to be extraordinary?

One easy extra you can introduce into your relationship will take it from ordinary to extraordinary.

Every fortnight for the next two months, break up the routine. Do something capricious together.

  • Instead of a movie, see a play.
  • Instead of dinner out, volunteer at a soup kitchen.
  • Instead of shopping at the mega grocery store, visit a farmer’s market.

Try something impulsive and keep your Romance Alive.

As to the Velcro and romance. In one of Professor Aron’s experiments he velcroed some of the couples together. They then navigated an obstacle course. Those held together with Velcro were happier with each other than the “routine” control group.

Dare to be different. That’s my mantra. Robert


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