Honor in Romance

American journalist Roxana spent six years in Iran doing research for her book. She wanted to author a book showing the world a balanced view of life in Iran.

Within hours she went from free journalist to incarcerated foreigner accused of espionage. Threatening her with a long prison sentence or possible execution, she “confessed” a lie – she was a spy.

Quickly Roxana realized this “confession” didn’t reflect her principles. She immediately recanted her confession.

The cost of truth was her freedom.

No matter. Roxana Saberi, valued her honor above freedom. “I would rather tell the truth and stay in prison instead of telling lies to be free,” she explained.

Living with honor impacts romance.

Honor is part of the Relationship Triangle, the foundation upon which the relationship between you and your sweetheart is established. The Relationship Triangle consists of:

  1. Living with honor,
  2. Respecting each other, and
  3. Mutual love.

When you live with honor you keep your word, fulfill agreements, live with integrity. Living with honor allows your sweetheart to relax, trusting you have your sweetheart’s best interest in mind.

Additionally, when your sweetheart knows you’re honorable, you can experiment with various Romantic Interludes. Your sweetheart doesn’t become uncomfortable with these different approaches to romancing her/him. Your sweetheart realizes you are relationship-building with these new ideas.

This is freeing in a relationship and frees you to romance your sweetheart in new and different ways, romancing as he/she may never have been romanced before.

Live a life of honor. It will open new opportunities for romance. A relationship built on the Relational Foundation, which includes living with honor, will be stronger and more romantic.

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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