Mutual Love

You’re invited into my discussion circle. The topic, “What is the correct definition of love?”

I step back and let the participants take over.

Awkward silence prevails as no one seems comfortable making the first comment.

Abruptly, one member states, “The correct definition of love is . . ..”. Another ten seconds of uneasy silence takes an eternity to pass. Then another states, “Actually, the correct definition of love would be . . ..”. It doesn’t quite line up with the first participant’s statement.

Before you can formulate your logical rebuttal, two more have joined in. And within minutes a lively, dissonant discussion ensues. There’s little agreement on the correct definition.

Identifying true love is important to your relationship.

Mutual love delineates the third side of the Relationship Triangle, which forms the foundation upon which the relationship with your sweetheart is established, and is essential for fostering more Romance between the two of you.

Initial dictionary definitions center around feelings: affection, warmth, tenderness. Yet feelings may not carry love for a lifetime.

Psychologist break love into three components:

  1. Physical: Passion, underlying physical desire;
  2. Emotional: Intimacy, closeness, connectedness, warmth;
  3. Conscious: Commitment, a decision to stick together for the long haul.

Rabbi David Wolpe links love with action. “Love is a feeling that expresses itself in action.”

True love requires actions, decisions – choosing to remain committed to your relationship and taking positive actions designed to build the relationship.

It takes both feelings (emotions) and action for love to form its part in the foundation of your relationship where Romance comes alive.

Emotional love by itself is a sprint. Active love is the marathon, designed to carry your relationship for the long haul.

Mutual, active love is the third side of the Relationship Triangle which builds a foundation for keeping your Romance Alive. Robert

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