Preferences Differences

During winter when it’s freezing outside, your car becomes a little theater.

At first, both anxiously await the temperature of the heating system to exceed glacial ice. Impatient for the gauge to rise above the “C”, someone turns on the fan.

“It is warm yet?”
“NO! Turn off that fan before we freeze!”

The needle quivers to life. The heater produces a tepid breeze. The breeze slowly warms above arctic tundra and breathing no longer produces steam clouds.

Suddenly it turns hot.

  • One twists the dial, reducing the air temperature.
  • The other returns it to the hotter setting.
  • The fan speed is reduced.
  • Then the fan speed is turned higher

The scrimmage continues: too hot or too cold for each. Each tries to get the setting to their preferred temperature, their ideal warmth. You know you’ll never agree on that ideal climate setting.

How do you survive as a couple?

You make allowance for each other’s preference: sometimes it’s warmer, sometimes cooler, and sometimes coats and blankets become part of the settlement. Neither may be 100% satisfied all the time but each accommodates their sweetheart.

Like car temperatures, each of us has a romantic preference – a way we preferred to be romanced which touches us most deeply. And if yours and your sweetheart’s preference differ, you’re a normal couple. Most couples have different romantic preferences.

What do you do when your romantic preferences differ? The same thing you do in the car.

  • Learn your sweetheart’s romantic preference;
  • Understand how to romance your sweetheart using her/his preference;
  • Gently let your sweetheart know your preference;
  • Create Romantic Interludes with each other’s preferences in mind.

You know what’s the best and most rewarding Romantic Interlude? The one created to satisfy your sweetheart’s preference. That one makes your relationship great.

Has it gotten hotter in here? Or did my sweetheart just change the temperature – again?

Does your preferred way of being romanced match your sweetheart’s preference?  Robert

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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