Romancing Today

Want to listen to the thought in my head? Between “hope a tree doesn’t fall in the wind” and “what will I to write about tonight”, you might hear:

  • At this time tomorrow, I’ll be dining with my friends Joe and Susan.
  • Yesterday at this time I was playing bass with the band.
  • One week ago I was rushing around trying to get ready for the cruise.

I often catch myself thinking about what happened a week ago or what will happen a day from now.

Do you find yourself doing something similar? Does your mind sometimes seem to avoid living in the moment?

There are good things about planning for the future. It gives you time to consider and design Romantic Interludes with your sweetheart.

Remembering the past is also good. Your relationship is reinforced with shared memories together, adventures you’ve shared.

But loitering in either the past or future robs you of the pleasure of today. It affects the romance in your life. It deprives you of experiencing this moment with your sweetheart.

You’re walking the beach with your sweetheart. A tropical breeze brushes the warm air across your face. The only sounds come from gentle waves caressing the shore with their hypnotic rhythm and an occasional counterpoint from a sea bird. Bare feet leave two sets of footprints in the warm sand. The temperature encourages bare feet as you walk hand-in-hand under an azure sky.

And you’re thinking:

  • In 3 hours, I’ll be sitting on the tarmac.
  • Tomorrow at this time I’ll be surrounded by stupid drivers on my commute home.
  • Hope the pipes didn’t freeze while we were away.

And you miss another moment you could have relished with your sweetheart.

It’s OK to plan ahead and make short excursions to memories. To really enjoy romance, live in the moment.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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