Don’t W-A-I-T for Romance

I started creating this blog a couple days ago, but my daughter’s call this afternoon changed the topic.

Returning to my desk, I noticed my daughter had called. Her 15 second voicemail let me know her uncle had passed away – unexpectedly. He was young, in his 50’s, and while not the picture of fitness, his death was startling and premature. It hit her hard.

Now stay with me. You’ll see how this is relevant to romance in your life.

When we connected, I felt her pain. She talked, I listened and mourned with her. I’d known him too.

As she shared her thoughts and feelings, she expressed remorse for something which happened 3 months ago.

Last Christmas, he gave he a fleecy, wooly, warm snuggly blanket. She shared how she’d used this blanket to stay warm on a winter’s drive to the Minnesota airport. Temperatures that morning dropped to minus 30 degrees. The fluffy blanket staved off the frigid temperatures while the car’s heating system struggled.

“Dad. I never told him how the blanket kept me warm on that trip, never told him thank you. It’s something I’d planned to do and thought I would.”

Her statement left me wondering how many times I’d postponed thanking someone, delayed sharing my feelings, missed a chance to say, “I love you”, put off creating a Romantic Interlude for my sweetheart. And when we procrastinate like that, we:

  • Bypass opportunities to brighten our sweetheart’s day,
  • Let the busyness of life intrude in our relationship (again), and
  • Trade a memory-making moment for silence.

If you bypass an opportunity to create a Romantic Interlude with your sweetheart, you’ll probably have another opportunity next week. But you may not.

But don’t court regret. Create that Romantic Interlude with your sweetheart this week. Robert

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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