It happens to people walking down the street, strolling the mall, during a classroom lecture, and even in the house of God.  People get so focused on their hand-held devices, they become oblivious to real life just beyond their focus. They’re mesmerized by the contents of these pocket-sized devices.

These digital gadgets can distribute information, answer questions, show you places you may or may not want to visit. They will even let you contact and communicate with real people you know.

Yet, they can also be destructive to your relationship. Couples sit side-by-side without interacting, each lost in their own electronic universe. Devices separating rather than bringing you and your sweetheart together.

Yet, there are ways these relationship-wrecking devices can help your relationship.

While there may be a preponderance of apps helping people find their sweetheart, Dan Groch decided he’d create an app to help with the “happily ever after.”

It took him an elephant’s pregnancy period to create this app he calls , HeroBoyFriend (www.HeroBoyFriend.com).

The app is like a personal assistant. But it goes beyond simple reminders of major upcoming events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). It also suggests little things to do, places to go, gifts to buy for and with your sweetheart. It will even suggest a night-in, complete with recipes for creating a meal together.

I like this app idea. Like “real life,” it:

  1. Prompts us to proactively romance our sweetheart;
  2. Shows us there are many ways at random times to be romantic;
  3. Reminds us how little Romantic Interludes can make a difference in our relationship;

Those things help build your relationship.

No matter whether you choose to use an app like HeroBoyFriend, we all could use occasional reminders and suggestions of little things to do with our sweetheart to help keep Romance Alive. Robert


About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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