The Simple Things Make Romance

You might say Charlie’s arrived.

This British heartthrob has a beautiful, long-term girlfriend and enjoys a successful and profitable movie career. Vacations include places like Thailand – just a “couple’s getaway”. Money might not be the limiting factor in how he romances his sweetheart.

And can you imagine how this movie star romances his sweetheart, Morgana? It may not be how you think he romances her.

Charlie Hunnam admitted in a recent interview he doesn’t go all out for big birthday presents or doing any giant outlandish romantic gestures. His idea of a Romantic Interlude doesn’t involve a limousine, a private jet or reservations at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London or Maison Pic in France.

Charlie’s ideal Interlude is cooking up some romance for Morgana: going out, buying their favorite groceries and literally cooking a meal his lady likes. She seems to like this approach to romance.

We can fall into the trap of trying to make extravagant, over-the-top Romantic Interludes for our sweetheart. We over plan, over spend, and over complicate the moment.

The excitement of trying to impress our sweetheart creates cataracts, clouding out ability to remember what romance is all about. Truth is, romancing our sweetheart is about:

  • Crafting moments that build our relationship;
  • Creating special, shared memories; and,
  • Romancing our sweetheart the way our sweetheart wants to be romanced.

If I overindulge hip bank on an extravagant Romantic Interlude, my sweetheart won’t enjoy it. There’d be this invisible thunderstorm hanging over the evening, “why are you wasting all this money? It isn’t what I enjoy.”

Charlie admits, “If I’m going to spoil her, I’ll go out and make her favorite dish.” Sounds like the ingredients for a wonderful Romantic Interlude – romancing his sweetheart like a star – how she prefers to be romanced.

What little things to you do to keep your Romance Alive? Robert

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