Suggestions on Romance by Dawn

“How would you suggest someone romance their sweetheart?”

This question stimulated a stream of online responses. Answers ranged from flowers to Kit-Kats to very private trysts.

One extended suggestion began, “look for what your sweetheart values and build your romantic response (read Romantic Interlude) appropriately. As time goes by and your feelings deepen, romance helps preserve against boredom and your sweetheart’s feeling of being taken for granted.”

Here’s my Reader’s Digest version of the writer’s extended observations.

She suggests matching your Romantic Interludes to where you are with the relationship. If it’s new, an expensive piece of jewelry or ginormous bouquet might be perceived as desperate, pushy or creepy. A simple “I like you” card or a favorite candy wrapped up in a bow might be more appropriate at this stage.

She advised against using a Romantic Interlude to propel the relationship forward at an uncomfortable pace. And don’t use a Romantic Interlude as a replacement for resolving a fight.

Quirky things help keep the Romance Alive and create great memories.

  • Show up unexpectedly with ice cream or coffee;
  • Attend an concert by a “tribute” band or go to a battle-of-the-bands;
  • Find a theater playing a vintage movie;
  • Eat hotdogs and peanuts at a minor-league baseball game.

Her suggestions concluded: It is most important to match what you do to who your sweetheart is and what she/he values. This reflects that you understand your sweetheart’s personality and desires and want to give what your sweetheart wants in life. Make it small and make it frequent. This shows your sweetheart how important he/she is to you.

Thank you Dawn (author) for sharing your “double-digit boyfriends + one good marriage + one not” insights into what makes a great romance. I hope you getting opportunities to keep your Romance Alive. Robert

What do you consider Romantic? Send me your thoughts and ideas.


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