Grab a Chance for Romance

Is a wedding a romantic event? Probably not if you’re at a friend’s wedding, sitting by yourself.

Wearing his best suit, Sig sat through 47 minutes and 21 seconds of candles, tuxedos, and nuptial mush for his friend Roy. Ever the gentleman, he smiled, maintained his poise and filed out when his row was dismissed.

As the guests found their cars and headed for the reception, one young lady appeared stranded, without transport to the reception.

“Need a ride?”, Sig asked.

She accepted his invitation. Off they rumbled in Sig’s father’s old Buick, making introductory small-talk during the 15-minute ride.

Surprisingly, they discovered their assigned reception seats were next to each other. The conversation begun in the car, expanded and deepened as the festivities continued.

The bride greeted guests in the obligatory receiving line. Needing a sip of water, she took a step backwards, and as she turned to grab the glass, her veil brushed against a candle, bursting into flames.

Sig saw the flames, mounted his white horse, pulled the veil off the bride’s head and extinguished the flames with his shoes. He became the savior of the wedding.

While her curiosity was peaked with their conversation, Jean became quite interested in learning more about this fireman hero.

As the evening concluded, Jean accepted Sig’s invitation for a lift home. Thus, a relationship begun at a wedding gathering in Brooklyn, became a romance which continued for decades.

Interesting how an opportunity for romance can begin with a little:

  • Courtesy,
  • Selflessness, and
  • Forethought

The reason I include “forethought”? The stranded damsel and reception seating weren’t serendipitous events.

Sig had been interested in meeting Jean and asked the bride to set up the “chance” encounters. He arranged the opportunity, Carpe diem, and initiated a lifelong romance. Robert

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