Stitching Together Your Romance

“Becca, you wouldn’t believe the job offer I’ve received. It’s my dream job. I just can’t turn this one down.”

Becca’s reaction to Don’s news wasn’t what you’d call enthusiastic. She started analyzing this kink in their relationship.

  • What was going to happen?
  • How would they survive?

Truth was, Don’s voice betrayed his struggle with the same anxieties.

They were already working their four-month relationship around Becca’s international travel. Don’s dream job added 12 months of the year travel. How could they possibly keep it together with jobs keeping them continents apart?

First, they used the time together before Don first boarded that big metal bird, to decide whether their relationship was worth pursuing, worth keeping alive. The answer – YES!

When Don left on his first trip to Europe, Becca decided to find a project they could work on together despite the separation.

The idea started with a, “what’scha doing” text. Don sent her a photo of his European cup of coffee. Becca took a picture of hers. In a moment of inspiration, she stitched the photos together, melding two mugs into a single one –  half Becca’s and half Don’s. She put the resulting picture up on her Instagram account.

Encouraged by great responses from friends, Becca stitched together another photo: their eyeglasses joined into a single frame.

Soon these globetrotting, photography enthusiasts were collaborating on strategical poses for individual pictures taken continents apart. They’d splice the two photos into a single, shared pose and post them on their @HalfHalfTravel account.

Don and Becca found their “us” project to help overcome the physical separation and keep their Romance Alive.

What shared project could you and your sweetheart start to help keep your Romance Alive? Spend some time exploring different ideas. You could be stitching your relationship together, creating shared memories to keep your Romance Alive.

Would love to hear about your shared project(s) which help keep your Romance Alive. Robert

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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