Romance: Definitions Change

What does Romance look like?

As a teenager, Romance may look like an adult’s wonderland to which you aspire. Romance means being swept off or sweeping the object of your interest off their feet. There’s a Cinderella-esque aura about it.

Enter the world of dating Mr./Ms. Right and your view of Romance changes. Romance passes from a world about which we fantasize to a world in which we become active participants. It includes flowers, moonlight walks and holding hands.

Longer term relationships again change your view. Romance may lose it luster as carefree living becomes responsibilities and bills. Now you release dreams of moonlight strolls, and cherish a quiet supper at home.

Romance will not always look the same.

It changes as we go through life. It grows and matures. It may sparkle less but it may become more comfortable and realistic. Dreams of white tablecloths and dinner at The Mark, become a treasured summer evening on the porch.

Maybe you feel Romance has been tarnished with the aging of your relationship. You may be concerned the loss of the 18-year old’s “oh-wow” view of Romance means Romance is in a coma.

It isn’t in a coma. It’s changed. Your very definition of Romance has changed. It’s different, and that’s healthy.

Realize, Romance doesn’t have to be grand and expensive. It doesn’t need to block out the presence of everyone except your sweetheart. And you don’t need it to engender visions of stardust and rainbows.

No matter your station of Romance, remember:

  1. Romance changes with maturity;
  2. Changes in what you consider Romantic is neither right nor wrong; and above all,

Not matter how you define Romance, never ever give up on Romance and being Romantic. Robert

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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