Come Closer Together With Music

The instructions were . . . clandestine, more so than he’d imagined.

If you hear a sentence that contains five words beginning with the letter “J”, you’ll know your claim was accepted. But don’t try to look at me.  

He struggled to distinguish words from dozens of passing conversations. If only they’d speak more distinctly, and one at a time. It was like trying to see an individual droplet in a waterfall.

The concentration to discern J’s from G’s from jumbles of sounds left him doubting his hearing. Japanese jellyfish? No that couldn’t be right.

And then he caught, “. . . Jumped joyously . . . .”

Were his ears swiveling toward a particular speaker as he strained to strain out all other words?

“Judicious James Joyce jumped joyously. Judicious James jumped joyously. Judicious . . . .”

Those words, the sweet-sounding words he longed to hear communicated his heart’s desire.

Does your sweetheart strain to hear the sounds which convey a special, romantic meaning from you?

Spoken word work but they’re not the only way we can use sound to romance our sweetheart. Other types of auditory stimulation can have a profound on you and your sweetheart.

A study by iBeacons found when tunes were playing:

  1. Distances between couples decreased by 12%,
  2. Chances of cooking together increased by 33%,
  3. Shared laughter increased by 15%, and
  4. Saying “I love you” happened 18% more frequently.

Introducing auditory stimulation of music into a relationship, produces a marked, measurable, positive impact on the couple.

What if you introduced music into a Romantic Interlude you create? Might you come together while makin dinner with a side of mirth?

Give it a try. Play some tunes gently when you’re in the house together and decrease the distance between you. Robert

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Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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