Wippa, Lisa and Keeping Romance Alive

Listen to your favorite DJ(s) tomorrow morning. They’re usually the top DJ(s) at the station because Morning Drive (6-10) garners the largest audience of the day.

Most people tune in during those hours while trying to get going, keep going or arriving. They want someone to entertain or inform them, and distract them from other coffee-fueled motorists.

Sounding cheerful and energetic before the body realizes the day’s begun is exhausting. I worked Morning Drive in college and remember trying to collect my wits before the sun awoke. It took a toll on life, especially my relational life.

Michael “Wippa” Wipfli with co-host Ryan Fitzgerald are known as “Fritzy and Wippa”, a popular Australian Morning Drive time radio show. And that’s only part of his busy and successful career in entertainment.

With his schedule, people wonder if his marriage has time for romance?

Wife Lisa was asked if and how these parents of two boys keep Romance Alive. They start by intentionally making time for each other.

When the kids go down, Mike gives me a nice big hug when we’re in the kitchen cooking dinner.” It’s his way of sharing a moment that says we’re in this together and I’m glad we’re in this together.

They also keep Romance Alive by cuddling 10 minutes daily. They might miss an occasion day, but it remains an important part of their relationship.

Sounds like “Wippa” knows Lisa’s preference for romance – touch. Her bragging about his hugs and cuddling says he’s gone beyond book knowledge. He puts his knowledge of her romantic preference into practice.

I’m inspired by people like Wippa, who refuse to let a coffee-fueled, energy-draining job become an excuse for letting romance shrivel.  They make time and use their sweetheart’s romantic preference to keep their Romance Alive. Hope this inspires you. Robert

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