Memorable Romantic Interlude

Snow in a city is not fun. It might be pretty – for maybe the first hour. Then it becomes an impediment to life.

  • Commutes take forever, no matter how many snowplows.
  • You’re trapped inside. Too much hassle to layer up for your lunchbreak.
  • It’s dark and cold.

Her morning messages included one from her sweetheart, “We’re getting away for dinner. Pick you up at noon”.

Intrigued, she responded “YES! Where are we going?”

Couldn’t be far. His sedan wasn’t built for a foot of snow. Yet he was picking her up at noon . . . for dinner?

The front desk called. Her ride was waiting. The Mercedes limousine driver opened her door. No sign of sweetheart. Just a note on her seat. “See you in 20 minutes. S

The car stopped in front of TEB. He stood at the curb, opened her door, offered his arm and escorted her into the hangar and onto a private jet.

What and where was he up to this time” she wondered. Above the clouds, the sun shone from the starboard side. They were headed south and he’d packed warm weather clothes for her.

Imagine your sweetheart whisking you away for a tropical beach dinner on a gloomy winter day. When I read about it, I thought, “Champagne wishes and caviar dreams on a Kool-Aid and taco budget.”

But even on our income, there are things in this story you could use to romance your sweetheart.

  1. Her sweetheart designed a Romantic Interlude.
  2. His invitation created anticipation and intrigue.
  3. He took a traditional evening dinner and changed one thing (location) to make it memorable.

You can design a memorable Romantic Interlude. Make one part of the Interlude different and expected. You’ll create a unique moment for the two of you to share and remember. That’s romantic. What part will you change? Robert

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Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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