Carpe Diem Romance

His feet felt molded into his boots. And he continued clomping along the dusty trail with the others in his unit. No one complained. They’d been promised an evening at a local dance hall if they completed the course by 4 o’clock.

By 3:45 the last klick brought a few smiles to their soldier-tired faces. Tonight would be drinks and dancing.

George scrubbed until the dirt brown water in the drain changed to soapy clear. Dark hair properly combed, a bit of aftershave and he was off with the guys to find something soothing to drink and someone pretty to dance with.

Would you like to dance?” George asked.

Jean eyed his army boots and said, “I don’t know whether we can or not with those clodhoppers you’re wearing.”

The comment hung suspended between them like a shot with no time left on the clock. Before things turned awkward, Jean grinned, “but let’s give it a try.”

In the middle of WWII, in a dance hall near London, Canadian George and British Jean began a dance, a romance which spanned 75 years.

George could easily have looked at his clodhoppers and figured no self-respecting lady would risk her toes and reputation dancing with him. Jean could have sized him up from across the floor and ducked for cover when he came her way.

Neither of them let uncertainty keep them from “giving it a try”.

Sometimes romancing your sweetheart seems awkward.

  • You don’t have the perfect words,
  • You don’t have perfect plans,
  • You don’t have the perfect Interlude.

But when faced with the decision to give in to fears or take a chance on romance, carpe diem. Give the Romantic Interlude a try anyway. The outcome could be a beautiful relationship, a beautiful romance. Robert

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Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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