Romantic Christmas Countdown

Still trying to figure out what to get your sweetheart for Christmas or Haunkkah?

Last weekI asked a group if, with less than 2 weeks to go, anyone hadn’t completed their Christmas shopping. A guy and lady were brave enough to admit they hadn’t started yet.

It can be a challenge combining holiday gifts and Romance.

Let me make a suggestion that’ll turn a holiday gift tradition on its head, creating a memorable Christmas for your sweetheart. We’ll take the 12 days of Christmas and give it a Romantic twist.

Design a countdown series of Romantic gifts for your sweetheart. The first gift will be based on seven, the next based on six, then five and on down to a gift based on one. For example:

  • Seven consecutive days of fixing dinners together,
  • Six sentences expressing how you enjoy being together,
  • Five minutes of your uninterrupted listening,
  • Four-minute hug,
  • Three movie nights at home,
  • Two massages (a couple’s massage);
  • One piece of jewelry,

Use your imagination. None of the gifts need be gaudy, excessive or expensive.

Place each gift in its own envelope or box. Locate a different place where you can hide each gift. Create a clue per gift which directs your sweetheart to each hiding place.

Each day for a week, hide a gift. Then provide your sweetheart with the clue to find the gift.

Here’s our twist from the traditional Christmas gift countdown. Start on Christmas day and count down to New Years. On Christmas give the “seven” gift, the next day the “sixth”, then the fifth, and so on

You might have noticed, the list is built around the four major ways of romancing your sweetheart:

  1. Touch,
  2. Gifts,
  3. Words,
  4. Time

You can make this season the season to remember Romance.

Merry Christmas and Happy Haunkkah. Robert

Thanks Scott for this idea from your Heaven Made Marriage website:

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