Are Your Romantic?

Five years of marriage. Two kids. And someone had the audacity to ask if they’re romantic?

Can you identify with Giovanna’s answer to this cheeky interview’s question? “There’s just no time!”

It wasn’t always like this.

A little over 5 years ago, Tom arranged for Giovanna to rendezvous with him at the middle school where they’d met. She opened the school door and was greeted with a candlelit path carpeted with rose petals and music they’d shared together years before. On the spot of their first encounter as 13-year-olds, Tom waited with a small box and big smile.


“We are both so busy with our careers that it can feel like we haven’t had a night together where we’ve had a proper conversation in a while. “I don’t know if we work hard to keep the romance alive but we are conscious of having time for each other.”

Did you feel the impact of the last statement? Tom and Giovanna Fletcher are conscious of having time for each other – to keep their Romance Alive.

Her responses in the article made it clear. Giovanna’s preferred way to be romanced is with the gift of time. And they consciously work together to meet her romantic preference.

Keeping Romance Alive is a deliberate act. To succeed:
• Set personal reminders to deliberately look for ways to romance your sweetheart.
• When you read, hear about or see something you think your sweetheart would find romantic, make a note of it.
• Regularly create Romantic Interludes for your sweetheart.

When you intentionally make time to be with your sweetheart, to unwind together, to set aside moments for just the two of you, you can keep Romance Alive in the middle of the whirlwind of life. Small, deliberate investments make big dividends in your relationship.

So, do you consider yourself Romantic? Take our 2 question poll. Robert

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