Romance In A Few Words

Does your Facebook feed contain many . . . interesting posts? Mine does

There are comments, reposts, pictures and videos which range from the “ohhhhhhh” to “really!” Some proport to explain how to increase your ability to use Coke in ways having nothing to do with thirst. Others promote their vision for improving the world.

During the day I receive multiple notices that a friend or acquaintance has updated their profile or added a post. Occasionally a notice will pique my interest. The post reaches through the onslaught of daily events and entices me to open Facebook.

Today I was notified my cousin had posted on his timeline and I must open Facebook.

Like a mindless zombie, I obeyed and opened the app on my phone.

Mike, whose posts and home page center around motorcycles, romanced his sweetheart. He did it with 8 words, right in front of the more than 1,370,000,000 who log into Facebook daily.

Mike wrote, “I am proudly married to my best friend”.

Mike romanced his sweetheart with unpretentious Words. In a simple sentence, he designed a wonderful Romantic Interlude for her. He didn’t write a Lennon-McCartney song or Wadsworth poem. He didn’t need to break into a Churchill oratory or even draft a compound sentence worthy of a first-class lawyer. It only took 8 simple words to romance his sweetheart.

• Does your sweetheart prefer to be romanced with words?
• Does the idea of attempting to craft a romantic message with words terrify you?
• Are you worried you won’t be able to find the perfect set of romantic words to romance your sweetheart?

Take a cue from Mike’s Romantic Interlude. Pare down your sentiment to a dozen words or less which express how you feel about your sweetheart. “KISS” it, and romance your sweetheart with WORDS.

Can you be romantic in few words? Robert

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