Romantically Intimate

What reaction does the word “Intimacy”, arouse in you?

  • An “Oh, no!”
  • Queasiness?
  • Desire for touch?
  • A gentle smile?
  • Terror?
  • Thoughts of your sweetheart?

For some the idea of intimacy is frightening. It resurrects memories of abuse when someone broke the confidence they shared, leaving them feeling vulnerable and exposed.

Yet intimacy is something human crave. It is the remedy for loneliness, the confirmation that we’re OK, the verification we’re acceptable just the way we are.

Intimacy is also romantic. It’s foundational to a good romance.

Intimacy requires physical and emotional closeness to someone to truly be romantic. Imagine creating an arm’s length Romantic Interlude:

  • A stroll under a full moon with your sweetheart 20 paces behind you.
  • A candlelight dinner in separate rooms.
  • A couple’s picture comprised of two separate pictures clumsily taped together.

An arm’s length romance doesn’t work.

Intimacy needs proximity on the physical and emotional level, so you can be truly known by your sweetheart. You allow your sweetheart to peer into the depths of your very being. And in that exposed openness, you show hidden secrets which you know are safe with your sweetheart, without fear of ridicule, judgement or rejection.

I like how Shana Schutte defined intimacy: In-to-Me-See.

Intimacy is also alluring. It floats a unique invitation to your sweetheart, an invitation into your sanctum of secrets, an exclusive peak into the privacy of your soul. It says your sweetheart has gained an exceptional place in your life rarely seen by other humans, including your family.

Romancing your sweetheart on a foundation of true emotional intimacy between the two of you will make simple Romantic Interludes memorable.

I encourage you to allow intimacy to enhance your relationship. Be brave and take the first small step today down the path of intimacy with your sweetheart.

Ready to be romantic? Robert


About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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