Keeping Romance Alive in the Digital Age

Keep Romance Alive in the digital age.” Sounds so today.

Technology helps couples with romance through digital means of connection. Phones and apps, emojis and texting, Outlook date and FaceTime conversations.

Is romance enhanced by the availability of instant access?

Mills and Boon created a modern guide to making your sweetheart melt in this age of smart devices. They discovered that while technology shrunk the distance between sweethearts, it can’t compete with old-fashioned, pre-digital age romance.

According to their research, the following digital options impede your relationship:

  • Talking on your phone while together.
  • Asking for a date with an Outlook invite.
  • FaceTiming, with your cluttered background.

And it’s a major turnoff to be rude to a waiter, a cashier, a parking attendant, or another driver while together.

Surveying over 2,000 people, Mills and Boon created a list of the top 10 most romantic gestures in this digital age:

  1. Holding Hands (46%)
  2. Having a cuddle (44%)
  3. Buying a surprise gift (43%)
  4. A romantic walk (32%)
  5. Giving flowers (31%)
  6. Planning a surprise trip (30%)
  7. A candlelit dinner (26%)
  8. Breakfast in bed (25%)
  9. Cooking a homemade meal (22%)
  10. Writing a love letter (20%)

If you showed that list to your parents or grandparents, they might tell you, “I see. Nuttin’s changed since we were kids”.

Lisa Milton of Mills & Boon observed that many people are confused about romance today and may need a bit of help to find their romantic way. “We have seen how notions of romance have changed, but also how many age-old gestures remain the epitome of romance.”

Maybe it’s time to ask your grandpa or grandma for their romantic tips. Their ideas are actually more relevant than we thought.

What romantic tips have your parents or grandparents provided you? Robert

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