Romance Changes

Today I got a bouquet of 18 roses from my sweetheart – in the middle of winter. What a romantic!”

When I came home, my sweetheart had scented candles lit, a bottle of wine chilling and an aromatic dinner waiting. She’s so romantic!”

My sweetheart photoshopped us into a picture of a B&B – an invitation for a weekend getaway. Romantic!”

Reading about these grand exploits on social media may leave you wondering:

  • Why can’t I enjoy that type of romance? or
  • Why can’t I think up romantic ideas like these?

It’s easy to become jealous of other people’s apparent romance-filled lives. You might envy those “lucky couples” and the ease with which they flaunt their idyllic relationship.

Don’t fall for it. Don’t let their embellished tales leave you green.

Relationships change over time. When a relationship is new, everything is exciting. Ideas for Romantic Interludes seem exciting because of the novelty of young love. Over time, the relationship, and with it romance, changes.

Does this mean time kills romance?


Romance evolves. Grand gestures and impressive expenditures give way to small, yet insightful and meaningful romance. Knowledge of your sweetheart’s preferences for Romantic Interludes replace floundering attempts to be romantic.

Natasha Sharma of NKS in Toronto suggests depressurizing yourself. “Being romantic can be super simple and need last only a few seconds, but can have an impact that lasts for hours or even days.”

Something as simple as taking your sweetheart’s hand while crossing the street or giving your sweetheart a prolonged, intimate kiss can be more impactful than roses, champagne and caviar.

Next time you read a braggadocios tale of some romantic hunk or babe, just smile. Then choose to do something small, focused and intimate your sweetheart will find romantic. Keep it just between the two of you. It’ll be more romantic to your sweetheart. And that’s what counts. Right? Robert

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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