Experience Romance in the Moment

Nine months ago, we were making plans for a two-week cruise to Iceland.
Seventy-two hours ago, my brother and I were returning rented equipment after a day skiing at Solitude Ski Resort in Utah.
In two weeks, I’ll be in southern California with my dad and siblings, together for the first time in years. And looking forward to visiting a friend.

Does your mind ever wander:

  • From things you’ve done to those you anticipate doing in the future?
  • From “just a few hours ago we were” to “a day from now we’ll be”?
  • From recollection to expectation, memories created to memories anticipated?

Living like this can be dangerous.

  1. Living in past memories leaves you moving through life facing what already happened. You live backwards, longing for where you’ve been, to experience what you’ve already experienced.
  1. Living for anticipated memories is hoping for something to happen tomorrow. You dream that somewhere over the rainbow you’ll experience a memorable Romantic Interlude.

Neither allows you to enjoy the actual event. Both memories or anticipation distract from enjoying this moment’s experience.

Romantic memories between you and your sweetheart are embedded in your relationship when they occur: some serendipitously, others are meticulously designed. But both are experienced in the moment in which they occur.

Romance is about creating special memories of moments between you and your sweetheart. These events, which become memories, enhance relationships in ways unique to each couple. These memories become romantic threads, connecting your hearts more intimately.

I enjoyed Iceland and have unforgettable memories of a midnight sunset. Soon I’ll create memories to embrace for decades. Likewise, you and your sweetheart have shared memories of trysts past and look forward to creating new ones.

To keep your Romance Alive, treasure your memories, anticipate new ones, but romance in the present.

I’m remembering back, looking forward, but just romancing for today. Robert

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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