The Most Romantic Place

Where is the most romantic place on earth? The floor is now open for nominations.

  • Is it the Maldives, with their white sandy beaches fronting tropical crystal-clear turquoise water?
  • Or, gliding along the canals of Venice on an early summer’s eve, chauffeured by a baritone serenading gondolier?
  • Or, watching the sun reflect off the towers of the original Sleeping Beauty Castle, Neuschwanstein, in Bavaria?
  • Or, floating along the Okazaki Canal among the delicate springtime cherry blossoms in Kyoto?
  • Or, soaking in the tranquil spirit of Taktsang Monastery located in the quiet emptiness of the upper Paro valley?

Polls and “experts” have bestowed the most romantic place on earth title to each of these destinations. Survey 100 people and there’d be little agreement on even on the top ten most romantic destinations. I’d bet many of you reading this would disagree on all of the above.

Which prompts this question. Why did you consider your response, the most romantic place on earth? Is it because:

  • You’ve heard it’s a romantic paradise?
  • It sounds exotic, so it must be romantic? Or,
  • Because there aren’t any kids or distractions?

Do any of these sound romantic: strolling the Champs Elysees, gazing across the Schwangau valley from the towers of Neuschwanstein, bathing in the thermal pools of Rotorua, watching the sunset from Mallory Square in Key West?

I’ve had the privilege of visiting these places and here’s what I’ve learned.

  • It’s not the location that makes it romantic. It’s who you’re with. And,
  • It’s not the location that makes it romantic. It’s how much you truly share that moment together.

Any place can be the most romantic place on earth if you slow down, quietly imbibe the beauty of the surrounding and share the moment with your sweetheart. Maybe it’s a short drive from your home.

Tell me where is your romantic place is.  Robert

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Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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