How Many Ways to Romance

Being the sweetheart of a soldier isn’t easy. A person whose occupation requires laser focus to train, then extreme bravery to execute, seems to have little room for a soft, romantic spot.

Then there’s the actual reality of the job.

You might think you’re prepared for a deployment, yet it startles you when the mobilization alert arrives and contains a date. Three months of intense, away-from-home preparatory training. Then the hour of his leaving.

About 2 weeks into training, she jokingly told him, “Before you deploy, you’d better give me a list of all the reasons you love me.” He grinned. She laughed. And the moment passed into the collection of forgotten memories.

Deployment minus five days. She decided to create a memorable meal for them to share.

Arriving home from the store, she found dozens of blue Post-It notes covering the kitchen walls. On each Post-It was a handwritten reason he loved her.

This tough soldier boy knew his sweetheart’s preferred way of being romanced. He’d taken time from the rigors of combat training to:

  • Observe and take notes of her romantic preference, and
  • Discreetly used this intelligence to handwrite 52 reasons he loved her.

She wanted to be romanced with WORDS. His sweetheart treasured receiving words of affection from him. His sweetheart wanted to hear and read how much she meant to him. With this knowledge, he created a Romantic Interlude, expressing his affection for her in a way which was unique and meaningful to her.

He created a romantic memory, a physical one she often revisited, one they shared for a lifetime.

Does your sweetheart prefer to be romanced with WORDS? In the next 5 days, find a way to let her/him know with written, spoken or sung words what he/she means to you.


About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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