Romantic Nurturing

Today’s commute was worse than usual.

A white BMW must have been doing 75 when it crossed 2 lanes of slowing traffic, nearly stealing her bumper. When the roar of the grey whatever sped around her from the other side, she fantasized about machine guns mounted on her hood.

Her sweetheart listened intently as she described her commute, quietly put his arm around her.

Fortunately, the freeway follies weren’t the highlight of her day. Her sweetheart’s parting words had given her the extra confirmation she was ready for her 11 O’clock presentation. She even impressed old Mr. Snarly-face.

Nurturing is a treasure your sweetheart can give you. It uniquely creates romantic moments between the two of you in quiet, subtle ways.

  • A moment of physical affection shrinks the world to just the two of you.
  • Words of support and encouragement leave you feeling confident.
  • Proactive listening connects the two of you.

When you nurture your sweetheart, you can create memories the two of you share, memories you’ll have with no one else. It expresses how valuable your sweetheart is to you. And it creates moments that draw you together. We don’t often realize how nurturing can impact our relationship.

Maybe you view nurturing as an inherited trait – you’re either born with the nurturing gene or not.

Nurturing may come more naturally to some. Yet it’s also a choice each of us can make. We can choose to nurture our sweetheart.

You become a nurturer for your sweetheart when you:

  • Actively listen;
  • Show physical affection for your sweetheart;
  • Become their honest and authentic cheerleader.

At its foundation, nurturing is encouraging, reassuring and caring for your sweetheart. It lifts spirits and provides support.

When you nurture your sweetheart, you nurture your relationship. And when your sweetheart feels nurtured, romance requires less effort and feels more natural.


About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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