The IM and Romance

The medley relay features four athletes who are the best swimmers for each stroke. In order:

  1. Backstroke,
  2. Breaststroke,
  3. Butterfly, and
  4. Freestyle.

It was track and field day at Pacific Union College. I was on the junior classes’ medley relay team, swimming the second leg – the breaststroke. I felt pretty good about holding up my leg of the race.

The captain walked into the locker room fifteen minutes before race time. “Anyone know all four strokes?” He’d misunderstood instructions. This wasn’t a medley relay. It was an I.M. – an individual medley.

Only one person, all four legs, all four strokes, in IM order. Longer and more grueling. And it starts with the Butterfly.

Only person in that room knew all four strokes, the person writing this blog.

I had a choice: do I speak up and swim, or not even try?

  • I wasn’t the best Backstroker.
  • I wasn’t the best Freestylist.
  • I hadn’t raced an IM race before.
  • And, I hated the Fly.

You may not be the most romantic person ever born. You fumble for the right words to say at the right moment. Sometimes you feel sophomoric and awkward giving your sweetheart a backrub. When you attempt to give your sweetheart the gift of quiet time together, you feel quietly self-conscious. And selecting a small gift for your sweetheart feels like a multichoice exam, without a right answer.

In those moments, you have a choice.

Remain silent and you’ll have no chance of being romantic. Attempt to be romantic, despite uncertainty, and you’ll have the chance to be romantic.

It’s your choice. You are the only person with the chance to romance your sweetheart.

As for the IM, I came in last. However, there were 3 other guys who didn’t even try.

Risk a bit. Try being romantic even when you’re not sure you’ll succeed.

Robert, a hopeless romantic.

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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