Study Date Romance

Ever had a “study date”. Not a “steady” date. A “study” date.

A “study date”? Why in the world would you want a “study date”? Trying to keep quiet while a library monitor patrols the room, ears scanning for any stray sounds which might shatter the studious scholars tranquility. Sounds more like work than romance.

I remember asking this young lady if she’d like some help studying for a test. It wasn’t for a class I was taking, had taken or planned to take.

Honestly, it was an excuse to spend time with someone in whom I had more than just passing interest. You’re probably not surprised.

Slight change of scenery now.

Every Tuesday morning, 65-year-old Ellen Sue hops in the car with Alan as he begins his 200-mile weekly business trip as a debt collector.

How romantic. {{{sarcasm}}}

According to Ellen Sue, it is. Her desire to spend time one-on-one with her sweetheart, time she compares to a “study date”, isn’t tarnished by decades.

As their “I do’s” and dinner dates faded into memories, and the routine of life threatened to deprive them of time together, Ellen Sue and Alan decided to claw back one-on-one time together.

On Tuesdays, she takes on GPS duties while he drives and knocks on doors. Between stops, she knits, they sing along with Sirius XM Classic Vinyl, discuss what’s in the news and catch up on their personal lives.

They spend time together.

What routine do you have that you could share with your sweetheart?

  • Is there a 30-minute drive you regularly make?
  • Do you go out and check competitor’s products or businesses?
  • What about trips to the grocery or hardware store?
  • Do you take the kids to a regular evening function?

Share that time with your sweetheart.

You gotta do it so why not make it an “us” time. Time to connect. Time to be together. Time for a “study date” romance,

Robert, a hopeless romantic.

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Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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