Romance Like a King or Queen

Would you rather be asked for a partnership with a monarch or a pauper?

I’ll bet the idea of a partnering with a sovereign sounds more attractive. It isn’t the financial differences between them that causes you to admit you prefer royalty.

That attraction probably stems from their traits:

  • Decisive actions, not waiting for someone else to act first.
  • Strong values and beliefs.
  • Confidence that inspires others.

Even in those moments when circumstances seem to be insurmountable, a good queen or king stands firm, un-swayed by the maelstrom surrounding them.

Let me ask a slightly different question. Would your sweetheart rather be romanced by a monarch or pauper?

Most would rather be romanced by a king/queen instead of a pauper or a duke or duchess. It’s because of the traits listed above.  They’re attracted to them and value what they say and do.

Most of us will never be in the presence of a throne-seated sovereign. Few, if any of us will be romanced by a head of state. Yet you can romance your sweetheart like a king or queen.

  1. Romance Proactively.

Take the initiative. Create the Romantic Interlude. Don’t wait for a providence or fortune to spray enchanted love water. Look for ways to romance.

  1. Romance Respectfully.

Respect your sweetheart. Respect her/his preferences. Respect them as a person above them as your sweetheart.

  1. Romance Boldly and Confidently.

Nothing is as attractive as confidence. And you can be confident your sweetheart wants to be romanced by you. From that foundation belief and knowledge, go for it. No matter the reception, carry through with the Interlude.

Now it’s your turn to romance your sweetheart like a monarch. It’s not to “rule” over her/him. It’s romancing with the traits of a sovereign and romance your sweetheart like a king/queen.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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