Romance by the Ordinary

Think romance is only true in fairy tales. White horses, noble knights and enchanted forests.

It’s not. It’s real people creating Romantic Interludes.


On her birthday, Jeff gave Victoria an envelope with sequentially numbered instructions and a prepaid credit card. The first instruction led her to “their” grocery store with hints of what to buy.

Next stop, the pastry shop, followed by a couple more stops and purchases.

The last “hint” led her to a tree in the park overlooking their town. Jeff waited with a blanket and utensils in hand. Next to him was a surprise: a framed picture of them taken at this very spot years earlier.

They shared a memorable sunset picnic together.


Summer’s stifling heat and humidity had cooled to the feel of warm, humid-less springtime afternoon. Rodney had just endured 2 hours listening to the latest financials. He was restless to effect his escape to the sunlit afternoon.

Just as he powered down his laptop, the front desk called. He had a visitor.

He grabbed his backpack anyway, hoping he could continue into the refreshing breeze once he’d dispatched whomever was impeding his progress.

Only the receptionist waited for him. In answer to his quizzical look, she pointed outside.

Behind the wheel sat his sweetheart, Peggy. She wiggled her index finger in the universally understood gesture of “come hence.” The top of the convertible she’d rented was down. They:

  • Laughed at the audacity of the rental;
  • Cranked the tunes and sang out of key;
  • Let the wind mess their hair

By dinner, he’d forgotten about Seymore, Smith and Smathers. His focus was their time together in this unexpected Romantic Interlude.


None of these people had pixie dust or magic wands. No white steeds or crystal slippers. They’re just people like you and me, taking advantage of crazy ideas, to turn ordinary into memorable – romancing their sweethearts.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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