Ready. Aim . . . Don’t Stop There

The Sargent bellowed instructions to these new fish. To hear him, you’d think they’d never seen a gun or know which end to point at the target.

OK, you bunch of sorry losers. Let’s see if you can remember which end to point at that target” he barked, with all the expletives expected from someone in his position.

Ready . . . Aim . . .. Come on now, Let’s get it right!

Ready . . . Aim . . ..  Ready . . . Aim . . ..  Ready . . . Aim . . ..

Why don’t he just say FIRE!”, a couple recruits quietly muttered to themselves.

Investing time learning about romance, then devoting time to understand your sweetheart’s preferred way to be romanced is useless unless . . . you’re willing to take the next step – ACTION, side 3 to my Romance Triangle.

Sometimes a person will dedicate time to learn about romance, (Side 1) reading articles and books (like Growing Romance) to learn how to be romantic.

They learn romance is: Doing something to express affection to your sweetheart in a meaningful way, which creates special moments that uniquely enhance their relationship and leave special memories.

Then they’ll study their sweetheart, learning their preferred way of being romanced (Side 2), mentally creating the ideal Romantic Interlude.

Quitting at that point is like the failing Sargent who never gets the troops to “FIRE!”.

To make the Romantic Triangle complete and let romance make your relationship great, one must take ACTION (side 3). Turn theory into a deed, by creating a Romantic Interlude. Then another and another and so on.

Don’t get stuck between “Aim” and “FIRE!”.

What will you do before the end of this week to initiate the Romantic Interlude you’ve fashioned in your mind and truly romance your sweetheart?

Robert, a hopeless romantic


About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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